Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunrise Hoi An Resort investment protection Cua Dai Beach

Sunrise Hoi An Beach Resort is proud to be one of the pioneers in the protection of the Natural Wonders of Cua Dai Beach. Interested in environmental issues especially sea invasive process, Sunrise Hoi An always attempt to participate in Social Responsibility Programs of business (CSR).

Sunrise Hoi An Resort beach
Sunrise Hoi An Resort beach

From the design phase to the construction, Protection of Nature has always been considered a top concern of Sunrise Hoi An. "For the third years, we have been working with foreign and local experts to implement measures to improve marine invasive phenomena at Cua Dai Beach - the place since the 2009 storm, the sea has more than 50 meters deep to the mainland."- Sven A.Saebel - General Manager Sunrise Hoi An Resort shared.

Sven A.Saebel also added, "We are the pioneer in the installation of this system and to this point, we can say our efforts have had significant success. Hotels Corporation and Ocean services (Ocean Hospitality) is investing $ 1.5 million, with long-term vision, OCH hope to contribute a small part to help Hoi An protect Natural Beauty of Cua Dai Beach. Officially opened in March 2012, Sunrise Hoi An Resort is one of resorts  is the biggest at Hoi An with 222 guest rooms and luxury villas."

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