Monday, September 9, 2013

Paradise Luxury Resort Sunrise Hoi An Resort

Managed by JSC (Joint Stock Company) Services Hotel and Ocean - Ocean Hospitality (OCH) - one of the leading companies in the hospitality sector in Vietnam, Sunrise Hoi An Resort proudly located in a great position beautiful and convenient, just far away Hoi An a few minutes.

Coconut lines behind Sunrise Hoi An Resort

Sunrise Hoi An Resort is not only an ideal destination for the couples dream of a romantic holiday but also great sightseeing options for family. Perhaps for this reason, sunrise Hoi An Resort has always maintained high rankings on assessment services TripAdvisors prestigious hotels.

Come to Hoi An, tourists will have chance to experience one of 222 luxury rooms, suites and villa facing the sea,with modern equipment, rich in gadget was designed by British famous architect, David Hobkinson of Noor.

the villas in sunrise hoi an resort
The Villas in Sunrise Hoi An Resort

Soak in the refreshing waters of the pool or relaxing on the little bed under the canopy of a palm leaf which tinged a green color to see the endless coastline, "cuddling" taking natural scenery of Hoi An is also a great choice.

Let's temporarily forget busy and worries of daily life, let "pampering" yourself to enjoy the feeling of absolute relaxation in luxury spa space or system of the modern gym Sunrise Hoi An Resort.

Not only that, Sunrise Hoi An is also rich culinary paradise, where guests can enjoy Asian and European cuisine prepared by a variety of top chefs experienced.

Coming to Sunrise Hoi An Resort, visitors also have the opportunity to experience and satisfies the passion to conquer the waves through extremely interesting outdoor activities, from Yoga, Taichi with sports adventure at sea.

In addition, understanding your desire about taking care your child, kids club Sunrise Hoi An with the staff having experienced and loving kids will give you the impressive moments through games and activities not only useful, interesting, but also environmentally friendly.

All in a harmony that make Sunrise Hoi An Resort becomes a destination not to be missed in the list of resorts in Hoi An

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