Saturday, September 21, 2013

Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere at Golden Sand Resort & Spa Hoi An

Every morning, you fasten a fresh flower on your hair and sitting before the vast ocean, surrounded by chirping birds and fragrant varied colors flowers.

The glow of dawn and breath of lush spring influx of bed, blended with the scent of tropical plants.

It is very wonderful to relax with relatives in spacious balcony, sip a hot cup of coffee, enjoy the cool breeze faintly from the garden of the Golden Sand Resort Hoi An. Fresh atmosphere along with softly sunlight in the moring will help guests relax and dispel all sorrow, welcome to a new spring again.

Golden Sand Resort & Spa Hoi An
Golden Sand Resort & Spa Hoi An

Golden Sand Resort Hoi An with a total area of more than 4 hectares is designed with style of modern ethnic architecture including 212 hotel rooms and small villa. All rooms are equipped with modern equipment and international standard facilities.

In this days, visitors can leisurely walk in the grounds of the hotel, sunbathe on Cua Dai Beach poetic, watch the sunrise every early morning or enjoy a cup of fragrant tea at Sands Lobby Bar, immerse in the melodious music glides zither, play the T'rưng or watch the shimmering lantern every night.

Let your soul relax when immersed into the pool 150m, is considered the longest pool in Central Region. With gentle curves, it has been compared as Hoai river in Golden Sand Resort. Two heads pool for adult is 2 pool for children that creat a green song, beautiful and romantic seaside East. The resort also has a fun service system, entertainment, sports, diverse and exciting such as tennis, cycling, diving, Vietnamese cooking classes, beach volleyball, water polo, car State motor pool and Jacuzzi whirlpool.

After a day exploring, exhausted, in the candlelight, soak in herbal tub to relax your body after a day of activity, recovered by physiotherapy methods from classical to modern, from Europe to Asia with herbs, flowers and natural extracts from the hands of these skilled workers with professional skills in Scentuals Spa.
In Quy Ty new year, Scentuals Spa introduce a new promotional package as a spring greetings to send to customers: 90 minutes relaxing with Maison Chance Pack (30-minute back massage or massage the face, head and shoulder, 30-minute foot massage, 30 minute manicure or pedicure) or call Happy (60 minute incubation exfoliation or body wrap includes a 30-minute body massage, 30 minute facial), or 2 hours with absolutely enjoy longevity Pack (60-minute body massage, 30 minute facial, 30 minute manicure or pedicure) and affluence Pack (60-minute body massage, 60-minute anti-typical aging fish Caviar extracts ice for the face). Provides experience the perfect moment beside you dear in Scentuals Spa will certainly be the most amazing feeling to sublimate those feelings.

A day will close with a fun atmosphere in Sands Fun Pub, where tourists can enjoy the time you chatted with friends, family, and listening to the cheerful spring song, bustling. The exciting experiences in day will take guests into deep sleep with sweet darkness, whispering waves, rustling leaves sound. The peaceful scene and happy memories about a paradise on the ground Golden Sand will make vistors's soul more relaxing, bring an abundant energy source welcoming a new year with many better luck & success.

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